Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering since you have posted these deals and are doing or have done them already I am guessing you already checked whether they were hard or soft pull....Are you only posting deals that do soft pulls or are both types of deals listed on your site? Thanks! Kim

Carrie @ said...

Hi Kim,

Great question.

If I KNOW it is a hard pull, I let you all know in the post.

So far, the only one I ran across is Bank of America, which was a Hard Pull, and I made sure to notify everyone.

But, with that said, I will usually comment if it is a soft pull, too.

If I don't put a comment in the post, then I would have to advise all readers to call the bank quickly to ask that very question.

I do MOST of these bank offers, but some I don't. For example, I am getting ready to post one on Soverign Bank on Monday, and it is out of state for me.

So, I am probably not going to do it...since it is not in Ohio. ( although...I may, if the bank will let me....I need to call them and find out )

Because I am not going thru the process, I am not aware whether it is a hard/soft pull.

If you are concerned about your credit score, then "do" due dilegence and definitely spend a moment to call. It is well worth the time to have that peace of mind that it is a soft pull.

Thanks so much for asking that question so that it is clarified for everyone..and I will try, if I can find the info, to post what I know.

Michelle said...

Hi Carrie -

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into letting us know about all of these deals!!

Do you have any suggestions for those of us that don't have a direct-deposit paycheck option? Do PayPal transfers count? Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Some...but few, allow paypal transfer, unfortunately.

My advice, whenever I post one you think you would be interested in, call the bank personally and explain that you don't have a paycheck option for direct deposit.

Ask what people who are self employed, etc, do in these circumstances. They MAY have a work around for you.

In addition, there are some that don't require direct deposits.

For example, the $100 from US Bank I posted last month didn't. ( that is dead now ). The $50 from Sharebuilder doesn't ( and that one is only a $5 investment ).

And, I am getting ready to post one today or tomorrow that doesn't require a direct deposit.

Either way, my advice is to always call the bank quickly, ANYWAY , to ensure it is a soft pull, so while you have them on the phone...ask them what you can do.

I apologize I am not more help in this regards.

Michelle said...

I didn't realize there were offers that didn't include direct deposits - good to know! I will definitely start calling on ones that I'm interested in! Thank you! Michelle

Barb said...

What exactly is a hard vs. a soft pull? Why does hard effect your credit and the other does not?

Carrie @ said...


A hard pull is when a credit issuer or lender usually does a credit pull showing you are applying for credit.

This lowers your credit score because if you have too many inquiries, it appears you are struggling possibly and need credit.

BUT, a soft pull is when you do your own search, or when all those preapproved offers come in the mail. They do a soft pull to make sure you are worthly of their offer.

Banks, if you are not taking a loan, usually don't do a hard pull...BUT some do. Some theories are that if the have a overdraft protection automatically in their offer, they will do a hard pull...because essentially, they might have to issue you a loan if you overdraft your account.

Hope all that makes sense.

Just call to make sure. It takes mere seconds and bank offers are well worth a soft pull.

Anonymous said...

I just got an offer for Wamu. It also says one per househould. Does that usually mean one new account per household or does that include all accounts total? I currently have an account with them, but I would be willing to start one for my children.

Carrie @ said...

The Wamu bonus is a targeted offer for their customers only. Hence, the reason I haven't posted it on my is not open to everyone. are entitled to open one new account. I believe they worded it that way, so you don't open it for every person in your house expecting a bonus. always, please call WAMU to verify what I say ( this is just my interpretation of the wording )

You should be able to get that nice little bonus! That is a nice chuck of change.

Traci said...


There is a new ETrade $25 bonus out for their savings account.

Sandi and Jedd said...

Just thought I'd let you know about this Sharebuilder Costco deal. You can do this AND the $50 one! So I did both for myself, husband and 2 kids!! Awesome deal!! Sandi

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you knew some of the terms of the ING direct savings account with the $25 bonus. I opened one a few days ago when you posted about it and they have already deposited my bonus. They didn't say that I had to open the account with a certain amount so my first deposit was really low. Also I was wondering how lond you have to keep the checking account open to be able to keep the bonus??? I couldn't find this answer on the website! Thanks!


Carrie @ said...

Hi Amy,

My understanding is you need to keep your balance in there at least 30 days to keep your bonus.

But, feel free to call ING Direct and ask them to make sure.

Their reps are very good.

Anonymous said...

Amy again here! I was going back through your posts and cannot seem to find the one with the ING direct offer in it. My finace was wanting to get in on this one but I can't find it! Is the offer over?


Carrie @ said...


ING Direct contacted me and asked that I take it down.

Apparently, they only wanted it going out to those they emailed it to and not be so wide spread.

Those that signed up for it will still receive the bonus, though.

Look at your packet when it comes, though. You should have a referral code. If you refer a friend ( so your fiance ) you get $25 and so does he.

He will need to deposit $250, though, but it is a great return at $25 a piece.

Vicky said...

The ING $25 bonus says there is a limit of one per household, not per individual.

busy mom said...

I noticed this mg that our bank I was a $1 short of having $100 in there so I transfered it over to have that $100 in the savings acct. So I would not have a service charge. I must have missed the date b/c the bank charged us $28!! so I was looking around this mg for a savings acct. (local) and found this

Carrie what do you think? It lets you make goals and pays extra.
I think it even says no fees.